Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Special Deal - MS Office 365

1) For normal(Random ID) MS Office 365 account, we will send a random ID/Username and it cannot be changed.

All office address looks like this.
So on..

Very important: For Random ID Office 365 account, you must change the password to your own and it cannot be recovered if you forgot the password. So, write down and put it in a safe place.  


can the login for the office 365, random or custom, be changed after it is activated?
What happens to the data or projects stored in each space, if the domain you are generating them on, is dumped or blacklisted by MS?

The login is fixed and cannot be changed because the installation data is provided directly onsite by the MS.

If you are after data and cloud storage then this will not help you. Your only solution will be to buy it directly from the company or the vendor. we will never recommend that you store valuable data on the account. If you have valuable data then we suggest you back it up on other sites or get a portable hard drive in which I always do this so that we never rely on this type of accounts, be it MS office 365 account, files hosting sites or Google drive as well.

The account will not be deleted unless found some copyright file, illegal stuff, etc, it will have a good chance your account will be permanently deleted.

However, we do believe that most people buy this for one reason and that is to get value from Office 365 Apps like MS Word, Outlook, Excel, and Powerpoint. Most people get the account just for that and that's what you should look at as well.

For those who bought the bundle package which came with a Random ID office 365 from us, because of circumstances, unwanted things can happen like hard drive spoiled, forgot the password, etc, the password cannot be reset, the password reset ONLY for Custom ID office 365 and strictly on your request. We do not touch your email or data since we have over a hundred thousand Office 365 account creation until today and still growing. Therefore, nobody got time to do a silly thing.

Buy MS Office 365 for only $US 3.00 - Random ID Account

Buy MS Office 365 for only $US 7.00 - Custom ID/Username with a random domain extension

DELIVERY: Normally within 24 hours and through email confirmation.

Should the email not arrive at your inbox, please check the spam folder.

Have an awesome day!
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