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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Special Deal - MS Office 365

1) For normal(Random ID) MS Office 365 account, we will send a random ID/Username and it cannot be changed.

All office address looks like this. 
So on..

Very important: You must change the password to your own and it cannot be recovered if you forgot the password. So, write down and put it in a safe place. 

For those who bought the bundle package which came with a customs office 365 from us. Because of circumstances, unwanted things can happen like hard drive spoiled, forgot password etc, the password can be reset ONLY for custom office 365 and strictly on your request. We do not touch your email or data since we have over hundred thousands office 365 account creation until today and still growing. Therefore, nobody got time to do a silly thing.

Buy MS Office 365 for only $US 3.00 - Random ID Account

Buy MS Office 365 for only $US 5.00 - Custom ID/Username with a random domain extension

Have an awesome day!
Thank you

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